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The D.L.vo 251 dated 24 april 1999 " Disciplina dei Titoli e dei marchi di Identificazione dei metalli Preziosi " among news about producing and selling Precious Metals goods, states in art.19 the possibility for producers to apply for an "Enhanced Certification". Such Certification is a form of guarantee on FINENESS that is requested by producers to Labs that satisfy certain requirements by law.
The S.A.G.OR Lab (the first Italian Lab certified by SINAL according to theUNI CEI EN 45001 standard for Precious Metals analysis) is fully conforming to what article 18 of DL.vo 251 requires to be able to issue an Enhanced Certification. 
A Partner can request the Lab to periodically control at its premises the fineness of their goods by taking samples, and to deliver a certification about the correspondence of fineness with what is imprinted on the goods.
If the correspondence is verified, the Enhanced Certificate is delivered by 60 days from the time samples are taken.
If, during an inspection, under fineness is found, the certification is revoked, and the Company cannot ask for a new certificate before 6 months.
Upon request, the Lab call allow the Company to use a logo, which is valid until the certification is valid.
Such logo is stored at the Chamber of Commerce.

A question can be "why ask for Enhanced certification"?
The goldsmith and silversmith sector has been hostile to certification for many years, but not any longer.
Implementing Quality Ensurance Systems in many producers led to the problem of qualifying suppliers.
Enhanced Certification provides producers with a tool to keep suppliers under control, and to select qualified partners.
Additionally, being certified is a means for a producer to demonstrate the fineness of its products, and can increase italian or foreign buyers' confidence.

Enhanced Certification is thus an opportunity that the new laws offer to all sector operators in a market where positive returns can only be obtained by who can hold clients by qualifying its products.