How to request a service 

Arezzo - Via Spallanzani - 52100
Tel. 0575 984196/7 - Fax 0575 984603

Samples must arrive at the Lab in closed envelopes. The envelope must list which references the Client wants be reported in the Test Report and the presumed fineness.
Samples must be accompanied be a delivery document indicating. "Gold (or Silver) alloy to be analyzed". 
In case of cinders, the label can state :cinders to be analyzed".
If the fineness is not indicated, an analysis of both Gold and Silver fineness will be performed.
For Gold analysis a sample of 1.00 grams is required.
For Silver analysis a sample of 1.00 grams is required.
For Gold and Silver analysis a sample of 1.50 grams is required.
For Gold and Silver analysis on cinders a sample of 5.00 grams is required
Precious metals contained in the samples and whatever remains of the samples are integrally given back except the dusts.
Answers are communicated by telephone as soon as the analyssi is completed. This is normally done the same day samples are delivered to the Lab. For cinders, timing is agreed upon with the Customer.
For each analysis, a Test report can be requested, which contains the analysis' results. The test Report is delivered to the Costomer together with the sample's remains. In case of need, the Report may be sent via fax.

The S.A.G.OR. Associated Partners can certify lots according to the Lab's procedures. Any lot to be certified must be given to the Lab together with a list where codes and weights of articles are indicated. Sampling methods and analysis timings will be agreed upon between the requestor and the Lab.
All cusotmers will be billed monthly.

Payments can be done via bank money transfer at account number 28520 at Banca Popolare dell'Etruria e del Lazio sede di Arezzo for Azienda Speciale S.A.G.OR. It is also possible to pay directly at the Lab.

Requests for collecting samples at Customer's premises are billed on the basis of  1.29 + VAT for each request of less than 2 analysis. 
For Associated Partners a discount of 10% is avaliable on all analysis and certification services. 
Partner's annual fee is 160.00 (exempt from VAT by dell'art. 2 comma 3 of Dpr. 633/72)
The Enhanced Certification service (available only for Partners) has an annual fee of  1500.00 + VAT.
A delivery of fineness certification (Test Report) via fax costs 2.80 + VAT
Each analysis of lots to be certified will be associated with a Warranty certificate that costs 10.50 + VAT.